[Whistle graphic] Hacking (not cracking) the Whistle InterJet

Welcome to Hacking the Whistle InterJet.

Our mission is to figure out cool things to do with the amazing and wonderfully well-designed Whistle InterJet. This includes installing modern versions of FreeBSD, recreating as much of the original hardware and software functionality as possible, and extending its usefulness. Note that we are NOT interested in using proprietary code, but rather in finding ways to use the hardware to the fullest extent with publicly available software and information. Hack value is also a high priority. :)

Basically, we haven't done anything more advanced than the things that can be done with an ordinary box --but we hope to get more geeky once we have a firm grip on the basic system. :)

OS and hardware projects:

Interjet I

Task Status
RAM testing DONE - (2) 32M 72-pin FPM non-parity tin SIMMs (Joe Hamelin)
OS install proof-of-concept DONE - Mike Wallette (FreeBSD), Matt Schumacher (Linux)
FreeBSD install DONE - instructions. Use freebsd-update to patch (Royce)
FreeBSD custom kernel DONE but not recommended ('make buildkernel' takes ~3.5 hours).
Use device.hints on 5.x/6.x (see sample diff).
FreeBSD 5.x/6.x install ON HOLD - use freebsd-update, but there is a boot problem with 5.x/6.x
and a kernel panic that was fixed here.
Recommendation: none at this time (Royce)
console on COM1 DONE - enable ttyd0 in /etc/ttys; echo -P > /boot.config; reboot
keyboard DONE - works on mboard connector J7; $10 to build one (Joe Hamelin)
video DONE - 16-bit cards work fine in generic VGA mode (Wallette)
network DONE - Original hub works as ed0/NE2000; also 3C509, Intel Pro
LCD support In progress - 57600bps COM2 (Joe) - perl script (Royce)
modem Not started - suspect sio2/COM3 at IRQ5
CD-ROM DONE - works as slave, but BIOS doesn't support booting (Joe)
sound support In progress - VOXWARE sb0 works on 4.x; no pcm yet; suspect IRQ7 per original config
power supply DONE - get the PSA-30U-120 power supply and a Tumbler 3271V86SD cord. (Royce)
battery DONE - order SLA1005 (12V 1.3 Ah SLA) here (Cliff Erickson)

Interjet II

No information yet - please contribute!

Appliance projects:

------				------
Linux firewall			DONE - by Matt Schumacher
FreeBSD firewall		waiting for a volunteer
jukebox				In progress (royce) - recommend route66 (Barry Clark)
OpenBSD install			Good writeup by Nick Holland

Interested in a project not listed? Let us know!

Public software components - the original list, and useful add-ons for hacking.

Whistle Folks - the rockin' people who brought you the original InterJet.

Fun with Your Whistle!

Working with the original system software:

References and Resources

Mailing list: (pretty low traffic right now) Send an email to whistlejet-request@nethead.org with "subscribe" in the SUBJECT.

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