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Whistle Folks
Some of the people of Whistle -- hats off to them!
Name			whistle email	Current email		location/homepage
Biao Ai			biaoa		?
Phil Alexander		?		?			LinkedIn
Jeremy Allison		jallison	jra@samba.org		http://samba.org/~jra/
Douglas Ambrisko	ambrisko	ambrisko@ambrisko.com	www.ambrisko.com/doug/
Wallace Benjamin	wben		?
Courtney Boisseree	?		?			LinkedIn
Sheila Brady		?		?
Doug Brent		doug		?			CEO, www.packetdesign.com
David Guy Brizan	?		davidguybrizan@yahoo.com http://freenet.msp.mn.us/people/brizan/
John Butler		?		?
Nick Burke		?		?			LinkedIn
Matt Ceglia		?		?			LinkedIn
Linda Chang		?		?
Archie L. Cobbs		archie		archie@dellroad.org	people.freebsd.org/~archie/
?			bcobill		?
Tracy Cropper		?		?
Siobhan Cunningham	?		?
Emma Dixon		?		?
Kent Paul Dolan		xanthian	xanthian@well.com	www.well.com/~xanthian/
Justin Eckhouse		justin		?			justin.eckhouse.com/
Chris Eisbach		chrisbac	?			(almaden.ibm.com)
Julian Elischer		julian		julian@elischer.org	people.freebsd.org/~julian/
David Feig		david		david@feig.net		www.feig.net/
Robert H. Finley	?		?			http://www.360d.com/site/8-port/netli-v2/companyMan.html#e
Bonnie Fullerton	bfullerton	?
Saikat Ghosh		?		?
Caroline Glennon	?		?			LinkedIn
Wayne S. Gorden		wsg		?			VP, www.halloo.com
Darren Grayson		?		?			LinkedIn
John Hamm		?		john@vspcapital.com	http://www.vsplp.com/about_ourteam_john.shtml
Diane Holt		dianeh		holtdl@yahoo.com
Jim Hyman		?		?			LinkedIn
Geoff James		gjames		?			www.businesswisdom.com/
Rob Johnson		?		?			LinkedIn
Mary Kalfsbeek		mary		kalfsbeek@earthlink.net	www.usfca.edu/sobam/epmba/EP03_Kalfsbeek.htm
Anjali Kalle		?		?			LinkedIn
Virinder Kaur		?		?
Canh V. Le		cvl		?			http://www.psdus.com/en/board_of_advisors.htm
Terry Lambert		terry		terry@lambert.org	people.freebsd.org/~terry/
Brian Lawley		?		brian@280group.com	LinkedIn
Alberta Lee		?		?
Jim Y. Li		?		?			Chairman and CEO, www.halloo.com
Kwan Low		kwan		?
Dean Madsen		dmadsen		?
Bryan Mann		bmann		Bryan.Mann@quantum.com	bmann.com
Michael Massimi		?		?			LinkedIn
David Matanane		?		?			LinkedIn
Ron McClellan		?		?			LinkedIn
Craig Munro		?		?			LinkedIn
Jennifer D. Myers	?		jdm@geek-girl.com	www.geek-girl.com/about/work.html, LinkedIn
Evan Oldford		evan		eoldford@verniernetworks.com
Paul Ozello		paul		?			LinkedIn
Mark Peek		mark		mp@freebsd.org		people.freebsd.org/~mp/
Scott Reubelt		sreubelt	?
Gordon Ritter		?		gritter@emcap.com	http://www.emergencecap.com/team/gritter.html, LinkedIn
Larry S. Rosenstein	lrosenstein	?			http://www.catsincharge.com/
Erik Salander		erik		?
Sueann Schorr		?		?
Scott Shultis		?		?			LinkedIn
Daryl Spartz		dspartz		dspartz@us.ibm.com	(IBM)
Samantha Stern		?		?
Karim Toubba		?		?			LinkedIn
Kath Uyeda		?		?
David Volpatti		volpatti	volpatti@ehealthinsurance.com?
Mary Walti		?		?			LinkedIn
David Whitney		dwhitney	?
David Wolfskill		dhw		david@catwhisker.org	www.catwhisker.org/~david/
Karl Wong		kwong		kwong@ccsf.edu		http://lumineer.com/team/kwong.html, LinkedIn

Bryan Mann has a list of Whistle folks, too.

Cool box names from Whistle:
Hostnames that Whistle folks had or used at one time or another

770z		Doug Ambrisko
alpo		Julian Elischer
bubba		Archie Cobbs
chaco		Bryan Mann
crab		Doug Ambrisko?
geddy		Kent Paul Dolan
m147		David Wolfskill
pau-amma	David Wolfskill
There is a similar list of current FreeBSD.org machines.

Whistle's IP space was

Whistle Communications Corp. WHISTLE (NET-207-76-204-0-1)

Whistle was located at:

110 Marsh Drive #100
Foster City, CA 94404

Whistle was apparently funded by Mayfield and Institutional Ventures Partners, and was spun off from Tribe:
"Started in 1990, Tribe [Computer Works] provided PC and Macintosh users with award-winning Internet connection equipment and servers, as well as connectivity products for Wide Area and Local Area Networks."

Mourn the victory of funding over vision. Select ...
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INTERESTING FACT (from Take Our Word For It): Famed Scottish poet Robert Burns (in his Author's Earnest Cry, 1786) provides us the first use of anything resembling the phrase clean as a whistle in writing: "Her mutchkin stowp as toom's a whissle." For those readers not fluent in Lowlands Scots, this meant "Her pint bucket is as empty as a whistle". Bonus interesting fact: Archie Cobbs is related to George Washington
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