[Whistle graphic] Hacking the Whistle InterJet

You can connect a keyboard to the WhistleJet!

In the center of the CPU board is a SIP header with 4 pins labeled
J7.  Pin 1 is on the left (next to the 80486 chip.)

Pin	Function
1	Data
2	Ground
3	Vcc (+5VDC)
4	Clock

I cut up an old drive cable to use as a header.  It has enough room to
work without having to hack off anything.  I then cut up a AT to ATX
keyboard converter and used an ohm meter to figure the pinout.
Looking at the volt meter I noticed that pin 3 had a bit higher
voltage than 1 and 4 (pin2, of course, had no difference to case
ground.)  I first had pins 1 & 4 mixed up which caused the keyboard
lights to strobe.  I swapped them and then rebooted.  I got a login
prompt and all worked fine.

[Julian Elischer informs us that the General Software BIOS is
permanently customized and has no tweakable configuration. - royce]

I'll head off to Frigid tomorrow and try to find better parts to
better mount an adapter and document what I build.

I have pictures that I'll send as soon as Tiffany downloads them from
the camera.


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