[Whistle graphic] Hacking the Whistle InterJet
Installing FreeBSD on a Whistle InterJet

The InterJet BIOS is pretty customized. Trying to install an OS directly onto the unit is difficult at best. Add the fact that there's no floppy or CDROM, and things get downright tricky.

The easiest thing to do is to cheat. Here's how to get the most flexibility for later tinkering.

  1. Get FreeBSD.
  2. Install a <8G, cool-running hard drive as the only drive on a generic x86 box.
  3. Install FreeBSD from scratch.
  4. Set console to COM1.
  5. If using 5.x, enable/disable all Interjet-specific hardware settings in the kernel. To do this, modify /boot/device.hints as shown in this patch.
  6. Reboot. If you're using 5.x, there is sometimes a boot problem (workaround).
  7. Verify that console works (9600,8N1). Verify SSH access as well.
  8. Transplant the hard drive, the network card, and the VGA card back into the InterJet.
  9. Get on the console with a null-modem cable and your favorite terminal program.
  10. Reboot
  11. Verify network connectivity
  12. Use freebsd-update to patch the system:
  13. Reboot and verify that everything boots cleanly.

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