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Original and add-on components

apache 1.x		portinstall -P apache+mod_ssl
Cyrus IMAP		portinstall -P cyrus-imapd
DHCP			man dhclient
netgraph		man 4 netgraph
openssl			(included with FreeBSD 4.x and above)
samba			portinstall -PR samba
sendmail		(included with FreeBSD 4.x and above)
ssleay			(included with FreeBSD 4.x and above)
firewall sw		(included with FreeBSD 4.x and above; use ipf)

Recommended Add-ons:

Most of these are available as packages on installation disc 1.

portupgrade		cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade && make install
portsnap		portinstall -PR portsnapl included in 5.5 and above
freebsd-update		portinstall -PR freebsd-update; included in 6.2
xntpd (config)

FreeBSD ports/systems that were created, guided, integrated or funded by Whistle:

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