DM9008: ISA/Plug & Play Super Ethernet Controller.

The DM9008 Ethernet controller is a highly integrated design that provides all Media Access Control (MAC) and Encode-Decode (ENDEC) functions in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 standard. Network interfaces include 10BASE5 or 10BASE2 Ethernet via the AUI port and 10BASE-T via the Twisted-pair. The DM9008 Ethernet controller can interface directly to the PC-AT ISA bus without any external device. The interface to PC-AT ISA bus is fully compatible with NE2000 Ethernet adapter cards, so all software programs designed for NE2000 can run on the DM9008 card without any modification.

Microsoft's Plug and Play and the jumperless software configuration function are both supported. The capability of the PnP and Non-PnP mode auto-switch function allows users to configure network card. No jumpers or switches are needed to set when using either the PC or PnP function. The integrated 8Kx16 SRAM and 10BASE-T transceiver make DM9008 more cost-effective.

  • Single chip solution for IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T,10BASE-2 and 10BASE-5
  • Integrated ISA interface, 8Kx16 SRAM, Media Access Control, ENDEC, and 10BASE-T transceiver
  • Supports ISA Plug and Play configuration function
  • Software compatible with NOVELL NE2000
  • Supports PnP and Non-PnP Auto-switching
  • PnP, Non-PnP and Auto-switch mode software selectable
  • 8 interrupt lines selectable
  • Auto-Polarity detection and correction
  • Selectable 8 and 16-bit slot mode
  • Provides auto-detection/auto-switching for 10BASE-T Transceiver and Attachment Unit Interface (AUI)
  • External EEPROM programmable
  • Supports BOOT-ROM page mode
  • Loopback capability for diagnostics
  • Receiver and collision squelch circuit to reduce noise
  • Low-power CMOS process with single 5V power supply
  • Built-in pre-distortion resisters for 10BASE-T application
  • 100-pin QFP package

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