Bubbles Bathing Tips
Here you will find all of Bubbles best ways to wash and care for the outside and inside of your pony.
Before you can clean your pony you will need to assess the damage:

please click on any of the following to know where to go.




ONE: Does your pony have Tail Rust?

This can be identified by a metalic smell from the pony and by the brownish colour at the top of the pony's tail.

TWO: Does your pony have Mildew?

Usually this goes right along witht the tail rust. Sometimes water may even still be trapped inside the pony. Poor pony begins to stink .

THREE: Does your pony just have Dirt on the outside?

If it wipes off it is usually just dirt.

FOUR: Does your pony have Ink or other pen marks on her body?

Most often it is ball point pens or permanent markers.

FIVE: there may be one other thing plaguing your pony. The "smooze" it is called vinyl deterioration click on this link to read more about this problem and then link to the cure. It looks like small light brown marks in the vinyl.

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