Paradise Styling Salon
and Day Spa

We at the day spa are dedicated to the beauty of your pony self. We have collected proven techniques to help your outer beauty match your inner beauty.

Whether improving back to your original self or changing your look try our beauty tips.
I have tried to detail as much as possible and most pages also contain photos to better illustrate how to care for your ponies.Plese feel free to email me if you need and additonal assistance.

Here you will find infromation on cleaning, styling, detangling, defirzzing, dying hair, etc.

Whole-istic Medicine

This section covers inner mechanisms, taking the body appart, and all other weird things for ponies.

This section details anything to do with body cleaning in and out, deoterizing, rescenting, dying, etc.

I don't claim to have found these cures. I am just posting them for everyone to find and use in a simple manner. I am so glad to be able to help any of you. Thanks so much for all of your help. If you have other great ideas for helping the ponies in your herd and would like others to know about it please email me

Please add us to your list of favorites and come back soon!

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