Salty's Scurvy Hospital

Salty's hospital is dedicated to the sick and infirm ponies destroyed by children and pets everywhere. We take in all kinds of Ponies who need care or are willing to be donors for other ponies. Whether they have hacked manes or frizzed tails we are dedicated to finding them some peace. Many ponies have this only as a temporary stop while they await donors and transplants. Many a tail has been given in order to save another. Salty was one of the first to recieve a transplanted tail.



She came to us from the local thrift store. She is currently being treated for Pink and red marker syndrome. She will be undergoing a transplant to donate her tail to another Floater who recently came in without a mane.

Update: Floater here is done with her bleaching and has become a well loved member of my herd. he spots have been completely removed except for the one on her cheek. Which I thought was a spot but really is just her blush







Moon Stone

Moon Stone is actually in really great condition if you disregard the new branding on her side. A wonderful scribble mark made with ball point pen. She has also a gouge in her side from that same injury. She will be a wonderfulpatient to undergo bleaching at the parlor to remove the ink. Her hair is minty as is her true blue colour.

UPDATE: she has been adopted too! she went though some bleaching and then a stranger bought her.








An amazing specimin of the dreaded Frizz! Her symbols are wonderful and would do well with a hair transplant to become her old self again. But we love her anyways. And yes her hair really does stand on end. She generally has to duck when following other ponies around and going through door ways.

UPDATE: Come see her new do in the salon. She has been de frizzed! She was then adopted out to a loving new herd.








No Name

This poor little pony came in through the E.R.She has no memory of who she is. A pony suffering from anorexia and bad hair she was obviously abused from birth. She had an ear removed in a fight with a much larger pony.


She also suffers from a Phobia of thinking she is ugly ....No wonder! HAHAHAHAHAHA!







She is a great candidate for transplant! her hair is gone but her body is wonderful

How could we pass up a pony of such beauty?

Well she came in a bag with other beauties. Like Sprinkles and Twisty Tail.

She is very enviouse of other long haired ponies and has to be

kept seperate because of fighting. She has a very bad temper

from all the abuse.

UPDATE: Maks was adopted out to a looving home where he has recieved a transplanted mane.






Purple Princess Pony

Abused abused abused!

She's had her beautiful flowing hair stolen!

No worry, she has enough eye lashes to go around.

She tends to be a nervous pony and keeps to herself.

But has become a good friend of Mask.....










Poor thing doesn't look at all like herself anymore. She will probably get a whole new look. Hair, body......the Works. She has been...well, branded with an "A" . Maybe she was an adultress in a former life? No one knows and she isn't talking. She has requested to become the new "Sail-Away" custom......

Update: Windy has been in the works to become my custom. Her body has been dyed and is awaiting red hair for a rethread.




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