Custom Body Shop

I have made four custom ponies so far....they are simple and the photo quality isn't so great. Maybe once I get a good digital camera I can upgrade the photos. These were my first custom jobs - nothing to be really excited about,but you always have to show your first trys.

If you are interested in learning more about customs visit us

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Rasta Star

a little goofy pony from the island of Jamaica. Directly related to RainCurl she came to us dreads and all. I just couldn't resist the chance to make a dread-locked pony!




Aurora Borealis

My land of the Midnight Sun pony. She comes from Alaska where you can read a book by the borealis during the winter. Her symbol is the Aurora Borealis done in silver with green and red highlights.


Snow White

Snow white is the first in my Disney Series. She was made using gold and green gel pens and red green and black sharpie markers.



Sleeping Beauty

Second in the Disney Series, Sleeping Beauty carries the symbols of a red rose, gold crown, and spinning wheel. her eyse lashes have also been lengthened.



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