Ink Stain Removal

Eeeek! This is so horrible. I found a Birthflower pony with marker all over her. her back, her butt, her sides and face. This page is dedicated to the unloved inked ponies all over the world!

Here are some tips to try getting rid of it!
I have used this one on ball point pen and blueish-green type marker pens. I can not get it to work on Highlighter.


Step One:

Clean your pony normally to remove as much as possible. If you haven't done that yet click here.

Step Two:

Using a benzoyl peroxide agent like "OXY", apply liberally to the affected area.

Step Three:

Spread so it covers all of the marks and has a nice thick covering

Step Four:

I don't have a lot of light living here in Alaska so I have to make do with what I have.
Your pony MUST get UV light rays for this to work well. I have to place her on a light box for this.
If you live in a sunny area just set her in the window or on a porch or something.
The UV rays with the cream will bleach out the ink. It may also lighten the colour of parts of your pony!
I have used this on SugarSweet, Sunlight, and Holly. The bleaching to the coloured ponies was VERY minimal.

Step Five:

After 24 hours remove from light source and re-apply the cream if needed. Follow all of these steps until Pony's marks are faded. For Holly here it took 3 applications. Also using the light box may work faster because of the increased amount of UV rays. I have tried this with out a light source and it takes up to two weeks to get a difference.


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