Bubbles Bathing for
Tail Rust and Mildew
Follow these simple steps to remove tail rust and mildew from your pony......


If you have not removed your pony's head and tail please click here.

This must be done before cleaning the pony. After removing the head and tail you are ready to clean. You must also have removed the rusty washer.


Using a tooth brush try and loosen the rust and mildew debris inside the pony. Pour enough bleach into the body cavity to fill it without it going out if the tail or neck opening. Let stand for one hour.



While the body is soaking it is time to clean the tail. Using hand soap or dish soap clean the tail at the clip. Try and remove as much of the rust as possible. If the soap doesn't get it clean try a solution of salt and lemon juice to remove the rust. If there is rust on the clip you will need to get some "Naval Jelly" at the hardware store to remove the worst of the rust from the clip. If you aren't that concerned about it, clean it up as much as possible and keep pony from getting wet again.



Back to the pony body. Pour the bleach into a cup or other container. Scrub the inside of the body cavity until clean. For the legs try a tooth brush. If that doesn't work poor the bleach back about 1/3 full and then shake the pony, keeping your hand over the openings. Poor out bleach and repeat.
Now you are ready to reassemble your pony.

Bleach is not the best item to use on your pony, but it is the best for destroying mildew and breaking up the stains. I can not take responsibility for anything that goes wrong but I do use it on my ponies

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