The Great Scrub Down!

Don't worry we won't kill or mame your ponies in here. It does kind of remind me of the old cartoons of a kids in a little wash basin getting scrubed with a big ol' brush.

Ok so here goes. Follow these easy steps to clean the gunkum off your favorites ponies.....
I use this same method on my So Soft ponies. Only I use a nail brush toothbrush or beatup use srubby with out much scru left to it. It is more gentle on the flocking.

Step One:

Fill a kitchen sink about 1/4 of the way full.
Add a few teaspoons of dish washing detergent and 1/8 cup (30ml)of household bleach.
Using a scrubby type sponge like SOS or something scrub the dirt off your ponies. Be careful around the symbols. If this is a new scrubby then it could scratch off the symbol!

Step Two:

Rinse your pony. Hold her with her tail pointing down so water doesn't go into the tail hole.
If water gets in there she could mold and then you would have a funky pony! Eeeuuww!
We don't like those. Rinse her out and then move on the the hair if needed.

Step Three:

Let dry overnight.


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