Re Threading The Butchered.....

The directions I have placed are fro rethreads that will be permantent like the originals. They are slower but will stay fixed even with combing. They have for me.Please read everything before starting.

Before using any of my ways to rethread your ponies hair you will need these. As I live in the west I have no idea where to buy them east of the rockies. Call around or ask a dentist for a small packet to try. Most of them have them in stock. Don't want to have a dental visit?I purchased these from a local grocery store. I know Wal-Mart, K-mart, Fred Meyers, Krogers, Target, and some Safeway stores carry them.

You could also use a piece if beading wire or a thin needle. You can only use a needle or item that will fit through one small hole. I found theses to be more flexable then a needle and broke less often than the beeding wire. Use what you can find. Anything is better than a bald pony. If you use something to large you WILL rip the holes in the pony's mane plugs.

Items needed for a rethread include the following:

1)Hair, if using a defect pony tail use the following guide:

One tail for a new born or baby
Two tails for an adult pony

2) Butler Gum floss threaders

3) Needle nose pliers or tweezers

4) Super Glue<cyano acrylate>

You must also have removed the head of your pony. If you have not done so click here

Also please read all directions before attempting this. And as with most of my tips, try them on ponies that are not as important. A good sundance or bowtie works nicely.


Now that you have read all of this small print......On with the show......

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