Removing the Pony's Head and Tail

thank you to poor lemon drop for her services


First the basics:

These are the points in the pony and the terms I will use.

Hair Plugs,Tail Washer, Tail Clip, Neck Plug.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! You don't have to cut your pony in half to fix her. I did this so you could see what the pony looks like and to make it easier to detail for photos how to do things. For any of my tips you don't cut your pony in half like I did here.


Befor you try removing her head with a knife try pulling it off. It takes some prussure but can pop off if the glue is weak enough. Then all you have to do is shove it back in to reattach it.

Step One: removing the head.....

One word of caution .....if you are doing a pony other than a standard pony body and head there may be other steps to take. I am trying to document as many types as possible but these directions are for a standard pony head. I am hoping to collect other type ponies to show you. If you have a peek a boo baby then the head will become immovable after removing and replacing the head if done get directions for peek a boos' please click here to read the directions.


Remove the pony's head using a VERY SHARP exacto knife or kitchen knife.

cut shallow into the neck where the body and head meet.It is important to stay as close as possible to the original cut because you will be able to see any stray cuts when the head is replaced. If you stray you will need to get back on target as soon as possible. Either pull out the blade and try again or go back to the cut line. You will know if you are cutting in the correct place by the ease of cutting.These cuts you are going to see so cut slowly and carefully.

Once you have cut down to the plug, all the way around then kind of squish the head to one side and begin to cut into the center neck plug.Don't worry to much about mistakes here, you won't be able to see them when the head is replaced.

Now wiggle the head free. You have removed the head - one of the hardest parts to fixing your pony......Congratulations!

you may find that there is no lip under the center neck plug of your pony. That's OK.

You won't be able to see the missing little lip.


Step two: removing the tail........

Push the tail farther back into the body while using a screwing motion. This will make it easier to get a hold of and pull out.


Now with a pair of tweezers or a stick or a small hooked item, get a hold of the tail inside the loop created behind the clip before the washer. OR get a hold behind the washer. Pull until the tail is removed. If this doesn't work push in the butt end of the pony to make it easier to see and get a hold of the tail. Then pull it out.

You are now ready to clean or rethread your pony

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