OK here we go...........

Step One:

Here is poor pearly surprise. She has been cut. We are going to make it worse.
you will need to cut the hair good and short to be able to easily remove the hair. See below.

See the difference? Make it as short as you can.

Step Two:

Now using tweezers or a pair of needle nose pliers pull out the hair plugs from inside of the pony. Get all of the hair out. Discard it.

Step Three:

Take 10-20 pieces of hair the about 8-10 inches long(20-25cm) and feed it through the eye of the threader. The amount of hair will vary depending on size of plug.While hair is in the eye fold in half with ends meeting together. <I hope you get it>

Step Four:

Pull the threader through one of the mane holes.Do not pull to far or the hair will come out. If you have to much hair it could also rip the plug holes. It should be able to pass through rather easily. If needed use tweezers or pliers to pull hair through again don't pull to hard or to much hair. You will know if it is to much.

Step Five:

Tie a knot in the hair you have pulled through. Snip at the loop and pull hair back into the head.

You have just finished the first plug. Now repeat until you have the rest all filled.Once finished use some super glue<cyano acrylate> and glue in the hair to make it stay firm.

I took me about 1/2 hour to do a baby and about 1-2 to do my first adult. Have patience and feel free to email if you need help. Once your pony is done re-attach the head

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