FAQs provide basic information on a wide range of questions that beginning exporters ask,
including how to locate market information, financing, and trade leads. Below are a series of questions
most frequently asked of the Alaska Export Assistance Center:

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1.  How do I begin an export business?

2.  What should I consider when making the decision to begin exporting?

3.  How do I determine if my company is "export-ready"?

4.  How do I obtain market research for a specific country and/or product?

5.  Where can I obtain information on foreign markets and trade opportunities for fish or
      agricultural products?

6.  How do I locate trade leads for my exporting business?  How do I locate potential
      distributors in overseas markets?

7.  Does the Federal Government have any programs to help advertise my products overseas?

8.  How can I receive information on foreign regulations, standards or certification requirements
      for my product?

9.  Is there a tariff or quota that applies to my product in a foreign country? What is a
      Harmonized Tariff System Classification (Schedule B) Number?   How do I determine
      my Schedule B Number?

10. Where can I find statistics on U.S. Exports and Imports?

11. How can I find export financing?

12. Do I need an export license to ship my product to a particular market?  How do I get a license?

13. Where can I find information on trade sanctions?

14. Do you have lists of American manufacturers and suppliers?  Do you have lists of other
    U.S. importers and exporters?  Do you have lists of export trading/export management companies?

15. Where can I find a list of foreign companies in a particular industry or sector?

16. How do I find information about a particular overseas company?

17. Are there any sources of legal assistance for people who are new to exporting?

18. How can I find out about investment practices in a certain country?

19. How can I get information on importing products into the United States?