3.  How do I determine if my company is "export-ready"?

Examine your resources and capabilities
Formulating a solid export strategy requires a critical examiniation of the capabilities and resources
of one's company, possible foreign markets and strategies for entering those markets, what steps
to take and when, what will be the cost in both time and money and more.

A Basic Guide to Exporting, a publication of the U.S. Department of Commerce in cooperation with
Unz & Co., Inc., describes the exporting process step-by-step, from identifying markets and developing
an export strategy to doing market research, traveling overseas, finding buyers, shipping, financing, as
well as federal agency export promotion services available to U.S. exporters.   It is available for $14.95
from Unz & Co. by calling (800) 631-3098.  It can also be accessed free of charge on the TIC's website
at http://tradeinfo.doc.gov.  Click on "Export Resources", then follow the links to the "Basic Guide to

Another useful resource for new exporters is the Small Business Administration (SBA) publication called
Breaking Into the Trade Game.  This is a step-by-step guide to the exporting process from developing an
export strategy and doing market research to identifying buyers and financing.   Unfortunately, the
publication is currently out of print.  SBA is revising it, so in the meantime, you may locate the former
version on the internet at www.sba.gov/oit/info/Guide-To-Exporting/ or through your local library or
local SBA office at: (907) 271-4022.

Also check news publications like the Anchorage Daily News for listings of free business seminars.  If you do not
carry a subscription, you can log on to their site at:
http://www.adn.com/.  Click on "Community News" or
check the business section for an update on seminars offered.