16.  How do I find information about a particular overseas company?

Various public and private resources have services designed to help U.S. exporters find information about overseas companies:

International Company Profile, a program offered by our office, portrays the reliability of prospective trading partners.  Information provided included type of organization, year established, size, general reputation, territory covered, sales, parduct lines, principal owners, financial inormation and trade references with recommendations from on-site U.S. commercial officers ast to suitabiltiy as a trading partner.  The results of your request will take 30 - 45 days and costs $500 per report.  You can place your order for this service by calling our office at (907) 271-6237 or via email: alaska.office.box@mail.doc.gov.

Private corporations which maintain information on overseas companies include:

Other private corporations which provide credit reporting services include: