4.  How do I obtain market research for a specific country and/or product?

The National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) is one of the primary sources of export information from the federal government. 
The NTDB is a "must-have" resource, gathering international trade and economic data from over 20 different government
agencies into one place.  Among the over 200,000 documents, exporters can find:

NTDB documents can be accessed through STAT-USA/Internet (see above link) which is updated continuously.   Customers
may either subscribe to STAT-USA/Internet for $175/year or purchase the CD-ROM version (also updated monthly) for
$59/month or $575/year.

In addition, many countries maintain their own web pages with business information specific to that country.   For a list of foreign embassies in the United States on the web, check out www.embassy.org.  Try linking to the country in which you are interested in doing business for more information.