9.  Is there a tariff or quota that applies to my product in a foreign country?  What is a Harmonized Tariff System Classification (Schedule B) Number?  How do I determine my Schedule B Number?

In order to determine a specific tariff, you must first classify your product according to its Harmonized System Number.

What is a Harmonized System (HS) Classification (Schedule B) Number?

The Harmonized System Classification is a standardized numerical method of classifying traded products.   This ten digit identifying number is assigned to each product and used by customs officials around the world to determine the duties, taxes and regulations that apply to the product.  The first six digits are harmonized throughout the world.  The last four digits vary by country.

How do I determine my HS or Schedule B Number?

To obtain your Schedule B number, visit the U.S. Census Bureau's web site at: http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/www.   The Schedule B is published on this web site, and you can classify your own product through a keyword search.  Please call our office with further questions regarding Schedule B Classification.

How do I determine a specific tariff rate?

Tariff and tax information is available from the Internet, private sources and from the federal government.  For official rates, it is always best to contact the country's Customs authority.

More information can be obtained from the document entitled Foreign Tariff, Taxes and Customs Information which contains information on the tariff services available from the federal government and from the private sector, tariff information for countries with a single tariff rate, how to use the Internet websites and how gifts are handled for several countries.  This document is available at http://tradeinfo.doc.gov. Click on "Tariff and Tax Information".

Please note:   The U.S. Government cannot provide tariff rates for products shipped from one foreign country to another.  For tariff rates for importing into the United States, please contact U.S. Customs. Their local office numbers are:

Trade Compliance Officer:  (907) 271-2675
Import Specialist:    (907) 271-4862
Commercial Imports or Shipments:  (907) 271-4868