8.  How can I receive information on foreign regulations, standards or certification requirements for my product?

The Country Commercial Guides (CCG's) examine each country's trade regulations and investment practices and present a comprehensive look at the commercial environment in various countries through economic, political and market analyses.  Refer to Question 4 for information on obtaining a CCG.

Contact the Trade Information Center at 1(800) USA -TRADE.  TIC trade specialists, along with some of the industry specialists in the Dept. of Commerce maintain information on foreign country regulations, standards and certification systems and/or a contact list of organizations that can help you obtain that information.  Please refer to the TIC website at: www.tradeinfo.doc.gov/

The National Center for Standards & Certification Information (NSCSI) of the Dept. of Commerce provides information on U.S. and foreign conformity assessment procedures and standards for non-agricultural products.  The NSCSI also provides a translation service for foreign standards, for which there is a charge.  NSCSI staff respond to requests for information by identifying relevant standards and/or regulations for your product. The requester is referred to the appropriate standards-developing organization or private sector organization for additional technical information and/or copies of the document.   The NSCSI does not provide copies of the standards.  For more information, contact NCSCI at (301) 975-4040 or visit their site at http://ts.nist.gov/ts/htdocs/210/217/bro.htm.

Also, visit the International Standards Organization (ISO) http://www.iso.ch
and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) http://www.ansi.org