Putting it all Back Together......

Not as difficult as you might think. Just follow these steps to make your pony whole again....

Step one:

Take the tail WITHOUT the washer and place a piece of ribbon or string around the tail clip. Put string through hole and pull tail into body. Continue to pull until you can see the clip.

Now, replace the washer. If using a new washer use a 5/8 flat washer. This size is just a bit larger than the original but it will fit over the head of the clip much better and still secure the tail in place for grooming.

Once the washer is in place, pull the remainder of the tail outside of pony. Now your tail has been replaced and you are ready to replace the head.


Replacing the Head......

Step Two:

Using super glue (cyanoacrylate for our friends in the UK and Europe), place many small dots of glue around the Neck Plug close to the inner edge. This way when the head is replaced there is less of a chance of glue squishing out the sides and onto the outer portion of the pony. Hold head in place for 1 minute to allow for the glue to set.

There you are.....if any glue has gotten on the outside of your ponies neck, simply use a bit of Nail Polish Remover to remove the residue. Be careful not to get any on the pony symbols.

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