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What Charlie Bader did in 2005

Rosie in the news!

Her rescue
More about her rescue
Monster Snowman invades my neighborhood!


David Hall's new website
12/18/05 2005 Photo Album. Highlights from the past year.


AK State Fair posts vegetable records... Look for John Evans

Rosie Swale Pope World adventurer Rosie Swale Pope stopped in Anchorage on her way to Cape Prince of Wales. She is running around the world and will be working her way back to Nome and eventually back to Anchorage, tracing the route of the infamous Iditarod Trail. Rosie's son James maintains a website for his mum. Latest news on Rosie's progress.


Compost Tea?


My Next Project Rebuilding the family cabin...


More on Budweiser vs. Czechoslovakia The real beer that had to change it's name.
The real story according to Wikipedia.
How is the taste? Opinionated beer page.Here's a hint- only 2 beers in the world received a "full mug" rating from these fanatics.
Malthusian Catastrophe


Excellent HTML Reference. Used this guide to update the format of this page. John Evans is moving to Ireland

-----------------11/21/05 "We Will Never Run Out of Energy"-----------------

Irfanview, much better than Paint, and free. Has a red frog/mouse icon.
Tolmann Skiffs Living to 100 more info on growing old gracefully
Windows 98SE Computer running slow? Slow Internet Connection?


Kenai Gold Rush
Dad bought boots in Germany from an outfit that made his 50 year old boots.

--------------------------4/7/2005 -----------------------

Marie and Ron back from Germany, Czech Republic. Sleeping Beauty Castle and Budweiser.
Went to Homer and Peterson Bay for my annual trip. Fished for halibut on three tides. Chub DuRussel is the only one who caught any halibut. My dad swears by Krocodile lures. Not much time for this kind of R&R until I complete the house.
Bagley Cove Art Studio

Behr Super Liquid Rawhide and Spruce, Pine, Fir #85 are no longer available. This product has linseed oil and a fungicide, which works great on the Sitka Spruce that is/was found in the Homer area. Behr no longer sells this product as a result of a class-action lawsuit.

A great substitute is made by System Three called "board defense", which is a relatively new product. Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate is the secret ingredient that is water soluble and prevents rot. Treat wood with this, then encapsulate with epoxy and then cover with bottom paint and it should last a long, long time!

Outdoor Photo of the Week: Seattle Wooden Boat Festival- The steam launch Puffin- powered by a Tiny Power "M" series.
Outdoor Photo of last Week: Sitka Sound from Mt. Verstovia Sitemap    Home