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Open Source Computer Numeric Control. This looks like it's going to stick.
Art Students build a microprocessor from 74LS Series TTL.
Airbus pilot makes a strap-on jet wing for his off-time.
Crazy Finn Visa Parvianen straps jets onto his legs and maintains level flight. You gotta see this!
Human Powered Hyrdrofoil Awesome!
CNC Lathe cranks out a chess pawn Turn your volume up!
Speaking of volume, does your amp go to eleven?
Bungie cords and an ATV. Don't try this at home. Poor girl!
This reminds me of how Natalie acts when she sees a bottle of formula. Her new nickname is Scrat. She's got the outstretched arms, the whimper, the hug and the affectionate "ahh" when she finally gets her acorn.
Lebron James will have Maria Sharapova as his water-girl at an upcoming game. He ran 70 miles to her 46.5.
Forged rifle barrels vs. drilled, the real story. Check out the snakeskin pattern in this photo.
HTML Validator
Copper Plating tips. Answers the commonly asked question: "why is my copper plating so rough?"
Porsche 959- 200 built. $250,000 each. Half of what it cost Porsche to make them.
More 959/962
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