If this is your first time to this site, I encourage you to explore all the links. I've offloaded much content to the sub-pages. Most pages are almost all text, so they load very fast. You will soon realize that this guy (me) knows how to touch-type. I want to credit my Typing instructor Mrs. Pfsiterer with teaching me how. That was the most important class that I ever took.



Where do I find time to do this?
Why Blog?
Wife *** ******* ***** (that's all the clues you are going to get)
My Mother- Mary Jane Bader
My Father- Ronald James Bader
Moss Island Oyster Farm
Tracy Anna Bader's Denali Wear>
Ex brother-in-law Charlie Reynold's Peregrine Marine or Seastate One
Current brother-in-law Jimmy Peot.
Maybe I'll start a new acronym.... Brother-In-Law-Ex...
The Scope Creeps, Mudzend
My Travels
e-mail address
3/15/2005- My 5 New Domain Names
ILS Modeling Course at Ohio University
About Me
My Family
I'm Rebuilding a House
Text editors.


Amateur Radio- Call Sign KL1OF
My Hobbies
Software Stuff
Electronic Music 
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Ideas someone needs to do
Programming DirectX with Borland C Builder

Knowledge, Facts

Bunny Huang
Google Ranking Tips
Tips on upgrading to Autocad 2005
Video Games
SATA Drives and Windows XP
My new Gigabyte motherboard
People I Know
Things I Learned From Steve Cords and Paul Evermon.
Things You Should Know
Tsunami Waves
Ideas That Will Make Someone RICH!
Active Camoflage
New File Photo Format
Virtual World
File Installs
File Index
Data Enabling Hardware Enhancements
Digital Cameras
SDLC NAS-MD-790 Self-Discovery
Internet Alaska is Finally Dead
FAA Sites in Alaska
Merrill Flight Service
Lynns Fan Marker Beacon">
What is Stealth?
Guitarist Kaki King

Projects/ Construction

Are you sure you want to Do It Yourself?
How to Build Your Own House
The best way to side a house in the Arctic
PHCCNA and the PPL
Sottini Faucet fittings

Opinions, Observations

Enron Insider Trading
Unions and Trade Organizations
Random Thoughts
Juneau Capitol!
China & USA
David Copperfield's Secrets Revealed
NASCAR is destroying America!
Stay at home moms rule!
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