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What Charlie Bader did in 2006

--------------------------Nov 3rd Bioneers-----------------------

Bioneers was founded by the founders of Seeds of Change. Price went up from 60 to 150.. but at least it's for a good cause, right? The main tidbit of the plenaries/presentations last year, was that we should grow food closer to home and support local farmers. So go out next summer and support your local farmers market. Arctic Organics delivers to Anchorage every week. Biodiesel is super neato, but there won't be enough waste VO for all of us.

--------------------October 28th Crosby Bioshelter---------------------

Help Bob and Luanne Crosby sell their bioshelter in Eagle River! Went to an open house and was amazed at how wonderful it was. It could have been Aspen in the spring, beautiful trees, light sprinkle of snow and sunshine piercing the clear mountain air.

----------------------October 25th Electronics is my life-----------------

I love electronics and long for the days when the HP 15C was king. My classical electronic/electrical engineering education was a pilgrammage of sorts. We learned about complex numbers, phase/amplitude, impedance. We learned how to make radars out of coconuts, so to speak. I lament the fact that a good old-fashioned HP 8508 Vector Voltmeter is no longer made. Coming back from work exhausted, I collapse on the floor and sleep for 3 hours, get up for dinner, then sleep 'til morning. Lifting and holding heavy antennas above your head exposed to the wind and freezing rain really saps your energy.

-----------------------Happy Alaska Day, October 18th------------------------------

A survey was released today.. Alaska is the 5th dumbest state, right after California.
So Paul Evermon was right, since I was edumacated in Alaska, I don't know some things. Johhny can't read... Is it Johnny's fault? lol
In retrospect, public school did not fully prepare me for college, or even life for that matter. There are many things that I want to teach my kids that I know they won't get in school..... Like how to hold a cordless drill, screw drywall screws without either stripping the heads or poking your finger. How to do Z-transforms- just kidding!If someone can do it dumb, an Alaskan can do it dumber. Whale Fat Follies RIP. found on Paul Zieske's website- an arctic biker blogger

--------------------------October 10th, 2006-----------------------

Proof that having a huge head raises your IQ. JUST KIDDING!

----------------------------October 9th, 2006--------------------

I'm ahead of my time. Youtube just sold for 1.65 billion with a b. 18 months in the making by two 20 year olds. Just like myspace and wikipedia, these dudes are figuring out what people are looking for and delivering. My problem is the delivery part.
My rant on Antioxidants. Info you won't find anywhere else.

Blood oxygen

email me for details.

------------------October 1, 2006 Update-------------------------

Life is good, I've got a lot to write about, so here is my new strategy borrowed from others: blog a column every week to this page and then push it to an archive with a link. I think I'll set up an RSS feed too..


Sorry to keep you all hanging, but a lot has been going on!



1/24/06 More old friends stopping by this site- Karika Kozlowski, Paul Zieske, Harry Griffin. Harry just types in "chazmo" in MSN and I'm #4.
Time to order seeds for this upcoming summer's garden. Now that the house is pretty much done (it's never done), I'll need something else to do (LOL), don't wanna get bored! Figured I would put my money where my mouth is.... by growing food and eating it! Actually, I've gardened since I was a kid. Now it's time to get serious about it! Sitemap    Home