Yup.  It's mandatory.  Gotta have Ma, Pa, and The Kids page.  I'll toss in the dog and goldfish too one of these days.  But for now these will have to do. 

There's four of us; myself, Theresa, Ori and David.  And Echo the dog. 

These are some nice shots from the winter's fun and adventure a couple years ago.  One of these days I'll update this page.  Honest...

Well, now that winter's over, I guess it's time to put up some snow filled shots.  Been  lots of fun having the boys learn to sky this year ('bout put me in the poor house though!).  Here's a few shots of all of us...

David and Ori riding the Platter Pull.  They now negotiate the chair lift like old pros.
Left: Theresa in hot pursuit.
Below:  Ori having loads of fun.


Right: The boys cousins joined them for a day on the slope and showed them a trick or two.

Below: David and Marnita coming out of the hoops.

Finally, Dad comes whizzing in, ready for another run down the bunny hill.  Fortunately, we're all on the real hill now. The boys only know two speeds, fast and stopped which terrifies Mom.  They've also discovered jumps.  Soon she'll have as many gray hairs as I do.  Maybe more.  Mine keep falling out... 
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Last updated:  April 12, 2000