Here are a few bowls I've done.  The time on them varies from pretty recent to a couple of years ago.  Presented in no particular order.


Wood: Russian olive. 
Size:  6 7/8"w x 2 9/16"h

A friend in Denver sent me this piece of wood.  He just stuck a label on it with some postage.  No box, no wrapping.  Don't know what the postman thought but why not?  Ain't like rubbin' elbows with a few parcels is gonna bother the wood any!

Wood: Alder
Size: 10 1/4"w x 3 3/4"h

I named this one Xena, Warrior Princess. When I turned it green, I figured the bark inclusion would give me some fits, but went ahead anyway.  After it sat for some months it occurred to me that it had a lot of "cleavage" showing.  Well, my brother-in-laws girlfriend is a big Xena fan, so it just seemed appropriate somehow to stitch it up and give it to 'em for Christmas this year!

Wood: Walnut
Size: about 14" x 6"

This was a piece I was asked to do for a fellow that had a walnut table he made in highschool.  His wife wanted a matching salad bowl to be the centerpiece.  I had a hard time sending it to him; some of the walnut had some wonderful figure in it!

Wormy hemlock bowl
Wood:  Various flavors of what is usually called mahogany, but none of which probably is really.  The dark spacer pieces are walnut.
Size:  12" or so.  I made this one about a year ago and traded it for a potters wheel.
Wood:  Hemlock burl, which is quite worm eaten.  It's almost more akin to a colander than a bowl!
Size: 10" or so
Wood: Cherry, paduak

It was supposed to be a salad bowl, but it seems that the cats have decided it has just the right contour for an afternoon's nap.  Go figure.

Wood: Spalted alder 
Size: about 9" x 2 1/4". 
The knot in the bottom was pretty punky, so I dug it out and filled it with brass shavings (my standard trick to deal with funky areas).
I had a couple of blocks of this wood, but this is the only one I managed to get a halfway decent picture of. 
This is the hemlock I call Inclement Weather I. Here's another view of it.  It's about 14" wide or so, and maybe 6" deep.  Wish I had a better picture - these don't do it justice.
These three are the other half of the same hemlock log.  I called it Inclement Weather II.  It just seems to have the colors of the local sky and hillsides.  These shots aren't as good as I'd like,  but you can still see some of the quilting in the figure.  Both pieces finished with shellac.

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Last updated:  February 1, 2001