These are more recent projects I've done.  In the menu at the bottom  I've grouped like forms together so that I can break the pages up for faster loading.  I hope I've struck a reasonable balance between viewing the critters and having to drill down thirty-eleven layers to see anything. 

The newest additions to the site will be posted here, and change from time to time.  I'll add 'em on the appropriate pages too, but this way you won't have to wade through a lot of pages to see a few new pieces...

A spalted pecan bowl - approximately 14" wide, and 4" high give or take. This was the dustiest, most contrary wood I've ever turned!
A western hemlock piece entitled Inclement Weather I.  It is theabundant supply of rain that produces the lush forests of Southeast Alaska, but it makes for a lot of gray days.  The dark fungal stains evoke a sense of the prevailing weather. Another, slightly off kilter, view.
This is Inclement Weather II - it was turned from the other half of the same log as the first.  The quilting in the wood is more apparent in this piece, although both works display similar figure. Both pieces were finished with shellac and are about 14" wide.
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Last updated:  July 14, 2000