OK, here's the first of the miscellaneous things that don't fit elsewhere.  Stay tuned...

These are a couple of experiments in boxmaking.  Nothing earthshaking, just a candle in the lid, and a place to keep the matches!  The box on the left is walnut, and the one on the right is alder.  Mountain ash candlestick.  The wood was from a blow down in our local cemetary so I usually tell folks its made of "spookwood".  Its about 9" high.

Cedar burl bowl, 11" x 3.5"
I'm planning on turning a lid for it Real Soon Now.
Just have to get to it.

A redwood burl platter, about 10.5" by 1.5"  Around the rim I carved some Celtic knotwork.
It's been quite a while since I did any furniture, so I figured it was about time.  A friend sent me the plans for this piece, (he made one for his wife for Christmas) so I figured it would be a good piece to jump back into furniture making with. 

Basically a simple, clean design, but with the angles legs and multiple pieces it would be just a bit of a challange.  My next project will be a real workbench, followed by an Arts & Crafts bookcase.  A Morris chair may follow. 

At the rate I'm going though, it'll be 2005 before I'm finished!  So why am I making this web page instead of going out to the shop?

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Last updated:  April 23, 2000