Don't have a whole lot of projects here, but I do have a few projects and such that I've done up.  Hope you enjoy them...

This project is an article that first appeared in American Woodturner a couple years back.  I meant to put it up much sooner, however the photos got misplaced.  I finally scanned them this week, so without further delay, here is the first project for your viewing pleasure... 
Skew Practice:
Submarine Toy
This article appeared in the February 2000 issue of More Woodturning and is the first of a series that will be appearing there (and subsequently here).
Moisture & Wood 
Not exactly a project, but an article that appeared in More Woodturning in January 2001 about determining the appropriate temperature to dry wood at to achieve a given level of moisture.

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Last updated:  April 8, 2001