I first bought my Shopsmith in 1981 but didn't get it set up until I actually bought my first house in 1985 where it fit nicely in my single car garage. I have a double car garage now, but strangely, I still don't have much room.  Something to do with a wife, two kids and a dog I think. 

I spend most of my shop time turning on a Nova 3000, and sold my Shopsmith a while back.  As the budget's permitted I've acquired standalone tools and now have less space than ever!.  I hope you enjoy viewing the work below.  The Shopsmith served me well. 
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Walnut segmented bowl
Cherry segmented bowl, with thin walnut accent lines on the top and around the middle. Three boxes - walnut, teak, and cottonwood Walnut Bowl:  12" x 8", 57 pieces, cherry rim and base on foot.  I more or less copped this pattern from Turned Bowl Design by Richard Raffan.  If you're looking for a good reference on design, that's one of the best places to start.
I made this bowl for a friend after he painted the inside of our house.  Mostly mahogany, with some walnut tossed in if memory serves.  Its about 14", and pretty much maxed out the SS before I got it trued up!  Cherry dresser made using plans in Woodsmith magazine.  Those familiar with the plans may notice that I haven't put the quarter round molding
on yet. I'm gonna someday, honest
This side table was a modification of an end table in Woodsmith magazine.  I lengthened the legs a tad, and made it a bit wider and longer.
This Tureen was based on a design in Wood magazine.  I modified it just a tad to accommodate my selection of wood at the time.  made from Redwood burl, maple, purpleheart and walnut. This is the 2nd tureen I made.  One of these days I'll get around to doing some more!  Its got walnut, cedar, cherry, rosewood, holly, zebrawood and teak in it. A silverware picnic tray, also from plans in Woodsmith magazine.  Made from old oak pallets.
A pine burl dish and platter. Although they were well dried, they were very gummy to turn.  The shop smelled like Christmas! This is a lightbox I made for Mom some time ago.  Inside is a mirror and fluorescent light.  The quilting on the front of the alder is unusual. This is a cherry folding stool I did for Mom's birthday a while back.  The dowel caps are purpleheart.  Finished w/Formby's Tung Oil Finish.
To the left is a close-up of the relief work.  I removed most of the wood on the legs w/a router, then when I got close to the raised areas switched to a chisel and rasps for the final cleanup.
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Last updated:  October 27, 2000