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May 2001

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A New Carnival Comes to Town!
May 2008

New thrills, chills, games and more comes to Providence Hospital this past summer as Arctic 56 beefs up the summer display with a new rollercoaster, games and more. Check out the photos, the story and more.

Nightmare Meets Hallow's Eve!
September 2007

Arctic 56 redesigned the Halloween display to push the boundaries and allow for nightmare to meet Mr. Cat and Mr. Pumpkin! Check out how it turned out and read about the story!

Carnival comes to Providence
May 6, 2006

Arctic 56 revamps the Children's display at Providence with a summer carnival theme. Learn more about how it came together and the final results.

Club assists Library again in '05
February 14, 2005

In 2005, Arctic 56 was again asked to help the Friends of the Library with their annual Valentine's Luncheon fundraiser. Read about the clubs efforts and view pictures from the event.

Club Helps Library Raise Funds
February 6, 2004

The club provided its creative support the Friends of the Library association during it annual fundraiser luncheon. Read about the event and view pictures of the fun.

2003 Annual Christmas Party
December 13, 2003

The 2003 club Christmas Party was a great success. Lots of food, lots of and did someone say chinese? Enjoy pictures and more about this annual event.

2003 KAKM Pledge Drive
December 3, 2003

Club member volunteered to man the phone bank during the local public television pledge drive. Enjoy pictures and the story about how the club is helping other non-profits.

2003 Providence Display
November 15, 2003

The new Providence display is up and ready for the holidays. Read about our efforts and enjoy the pictures of the day.

2003 Village Tour Review
January 11, 2003

The Arctic 56 Club held its annual village tour of homes. Come check out the what four club members created in their homes for the holidays!

Wonderful Holiday Tour
December 12, 2002

Fellow club member, Grace Williamson, was one of the lucky ones randomly selected to win the holiday tour sponsored by Department 56. Read more about their adventures and other happenings for the lucky winners.

2002 Providence Display
November, 2002

The children and staff of Providence enjoy the club's efforts with the 2002 Holiday display. Read and view pictures of this season's effort.

Halloween Open House,
October 26, 2002

The Arctic 56 Club put on its first ever Halloween Open House. Read about the happenings of the ghoulish displays and learn a few recipes from hosts, Rosemary and Dale-Ann

NCC Alaska Cruise Reception,
June 28, 2002

The Arctic 56 Club put on a lavish event to welcome NCC club members from around the country. Check out the our story on the event as well as enjoy the recipes of the appetizers and desserts that were served during the evening.

Cruising to Alaska,
June 28, 2002

Ruth Buerkle, one of Arctic 56's newest members, shares her thoughts about her Alaskan adventure. Check out her story!

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