Anchorage, Alaska
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May 2001

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Club Supports Local Television

On December 3, 2003, the Arctic 56 club volunteered to support Anchorage's local public broadcasting station, KAKM channel 7 with its final 2003 fund raising efforts. Each year, Anchorage's Channel 7 seeks the help of local groups to man its phone bank during their evening televised pledge drives. During these events, the local viewing public is requested or asked to join a membership with KAKM and support public television with a financial pledge. In return, KAKM offers several thank you gifts based upon the amount donated. The pledge drive is televised live from the KAKM studio and numerous breaks throughout the evening are taken to encourage the viewing public to join KAKM's local membership. All during the live broadcast from the studio, KAKM features a guest speakers and the volunteer groups manning the phone banks.

The Arctic 56 club supported this year's effort with a complete phone bank comprising of 12 members and friends. All phones were manned by club members and friends for the entire evening. The group included Rosemary Slisz, Dale-Ann Hosack and her friend Betty Arthur, Sean Monico, Peg & Whiz Wierzbick and their daughter, Shannon Jones and her friend Polly, Beth Ann Culhane, Linda Teninty, and Bobbie from Bell's Nursery. A great time was had by everyone who participated. Peg Wierzbicki had the special honor of being the evening's accountant and was the spared the opportunity to appear on camera!

The evening was hosted by Perry Murkle, past president of the board for KAKM and owner of a successful coffee company. Joining him during the live breaks, was KAKM's director of programming. As the hosts discussed the benefits of supporting KAKM and encouraging viewers to join the membership, Arctic 56 club members sat in the phone bank and answered the incoming calls. Each club member was asked to take down the viewers information and as well as inform the viewer of what they would be receiving. While club members answered the phone, camera crews in the studio would broadcast live the activity happening at the phone bank. As a fun feature during the event, club members brought in one of their favorite village pieces to set by the phone! You can see these during the broadcast!

The evening programming featured several great shows one of which was entitled, "This Land is our Land." A musical special hosted by Judy Collins featured a collection of well known artist singing American and popular music. Viewers who pledged a high enough donation would receive either a DVD or CD of the program. As the evening continued, the shows would break to the live broadcast from the studio so thT the hosts during the evening could talk about KAKM. During one of the final breaks of the evening, Perry Murkle featured the Arctic 56's club pin on the air. The Arctic 56 club donated a pin to help during the pledge drive to anyone would call in and make a pledge.

As the evening came to a close, Peg Wierzbicki helped to tally up the final results for the Wednesday pledge drive. The Arctic 56 club members and friends helped KAKM take in a total of $10,295 during the evening. This included a challenge that was offered by Key Bank of Alaska at $1,000 if a certain number of new members joined KAKM. During one of the breaks in the evening a wopping 29 calls were taken, raising over $3,000 in pledge support. All in all, the Arctic 56 had a great time supporting public television. Everyone who participated enjoyed the evening and enjoyed giving their time to a worthwhile cause.

Club members await the phones!

Rosemary takes a new membership.

Judy Collins sings a song.

Dale-Ann takes a call
and smiles while working!

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