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May 2001

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Special Thanks to Pam Sauers of Providence!

Club wins hearts of Children

The club went all out this past year at providing a festive display at the Children's Hospital at Providence Hospital located in the University area in mid-town Anchorage. Club members Bev Sinnott, Rosemary Slisz, Lynnette Walker, Sean Monico, Sandra Guthrie, Peg & Whiz Wierzbicki, Linda Teninty, Linda Buchanan and Dale-Ann Hosack all collaborated on the winter of 2001-2002 display of the North Pole village.

With the day carefully planned and coordinated each member was assigned a specific task to blitz the village setup in just under 4 hours. Each member contributed to the team effort as hospital guests, patients and staff looked on throughout the October 2001 afternoon. One guest paid the club particular notice to remark that we had made her day a little more special.

Setup in a specially designed plexi-glass and plywood case, the North Pole village came to life with a dazzling array of retired buildings, accessory pieces and landscaping that even captured the hearts of club members. New for the display was a redesigned side-cap that featured the retired Elf Spa generously donated by Bell's Nursery. Complete with whimiscal trees, this scene was a favorite with club members and patients alike. Also new for the display was a re-designed skating pond utilizing a mirror sprayed with frost which gave a more realistic feel to the display.

Once the village was assembled club members quickly pulled together the final touches. Snow rained inside the hospital for the first time that winter. Hay was carefully place alongside the reindeer on the opposite end-cap. Sean and Rosemary had a time or two with that part of display! But once all details were in place, the plexi-glass cover was locked down and the fabric trim and ribbon was secured to complete the final design.

Afterward club members gathered their tools & supplies cleaned the place up a bit and posed for the group photo. Everyone felt wonderful at having been part of a great team, pulling together creative resources to help bring a smile to the face a someone in need!

Thank you to the staff at Providence!

Rosemary, stay the hay away!
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