The Great De-Frizz

I have worked on the technique given to me by Sharron. I really want to thank her for telling me all about it. Many a pony can be saved from the salvage pile because of it.

Follow my simple steps to perfect your ponies hair. Note of caution - read all the directions before beginning any of my techniques! And please use a pony you aren't worried about for the first time. Oh yeah, as always, please be careful not to injure your hooves while trying this! We don't want cripled ponies in my hospital!

These steps took me about 20 minutes on Sugarberry here. it may take you less or more. You may have to repeat it again. But it is worth the results. ALSO!!!!! I have tried this on low with my princess ponies. It made noises but also did a wonder on the tinsel in thier hair too.

Now on with the show!



Using aussie slip detangle your frizzy pony as much as possible. Take the pony by it's roots and pour in some of the slip. Rub thoroughly into dry hair. Use a wide toothed comb and slowly work out the knots starting at the ends and working your way up. Do this for both the mane and tail of the pony.


After hair has been detangled separate into smaller sections. You will need these smaller parts to slowly work out the frizz.


Taking the hair by each separate section use a hot curling iron starting at the root base and work out. You WILL hear it sear. Unless you have a new iron it will not melt the hair. For the first time through you should probably try it on low just to know if it is too hot or not. Repeat this step a few times until you really notice a change in the pony's hair. For Sugerberry it was about 5 or six pull throughs.


Take the pony to the sink. After each section has been done it is time to rinse out the conditioner/detangler. Holding the pony upside down, rinse the hair clean of the conditioner. Pull the hair straight as you rinse it.


Go back to the iron. do steps two and three again.




Go ahead and style your pony. I have some of the basic styles in the salon too!



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Special note: Aussie Slip is a registerd product of Redkin inc.