Cool Quotes for Collectors:

This page will house funny or interesting quotes and stories from or by collectors about memories and other little tid bits.
This idea came as my mother sent me the first real good quote to add on my wall.

If you have one to add send it over and I will see about adding it.It doesn't have to be yours or an original thought of yours. If it fits with collectiong out favorite pudgy ponies then it fits in here.....

I Hunt it, Find it, Buy it, Haul it, Wash it, Scrub it, Repair it, Fix it, Patch it, Lable it, Catalog it, Frame it, Display it, Brag about it, Pay Insurance on it, Sometimes break it........

How could anyone expect less?

-Riekie G.

A male friend of mine, upon hearing that I liked My Little Ponies, decided
to ask his little sister over winter break whether she would be willing to
sell the few she had to him. Wondering why he wanted them, the sister
correctly guessed that he was getting them for a girl. Her response was,
"Who would want someone's sister's old dirty My Little Ponies! Why don't
you get her a tennis bracelet?"

-Baby Rainribbon, the artful uni
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"If you wouldn't pay for it in that condition, why charge me that price?"
"Isn't it better to charge a price that'll get you a sale instead of a
laugh in your face?"
"When it's gotten to the point that you think your ponies are watching you
when you inspect the innards of a new herd member, tis time to ask if you
maybe need a vacation from collecting for awhile"

-Baby Flicker

Always yield to temptation, because it may not pass your way again.

Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.


I turned three in 1982 right around the time that the first set of MLPs was
released. In fact, my all-time earliest memory is of the first MLP
commercial; in it, a little girl picked up Minty, held her up to her face and
sighed, "I love you, Minty!" Or something like that; since I was two at the
time, that memory is hardly reliable. ;) Anyway, at the time, my favorite
color was green, so when I decided I wanted a pony for my birthday and my mom
asked which one, I chose Minty. Little did my mom know what she was starting
by buying that one little green pony...

Lady Minty

Hmmm Im not sure what year it was when I got my first pony. But I believe I was in Jr High and it was sometime around 1985? 86? I bought a Moondancer. I was at the time into Cabbage Patch Kids. I showed my girlfriend it and she immediatly bought Windy. From then on I started the craze on my neighbor hood street. There were 5 of us collecting! Mind you they were all about 7 yrs younger then I! I started collecting in my teen years. But all of our collections reached well over 40! I still have the lists I kept of everyones collection! I would take my $20 allowance and walk to Target every week and buy around 3 ponies PER WEEK! My collection stopped a little over 100. I collected for several years straight


Now this is a wonderful story for any collector to read.....

Hi Everyone,
Just had to share this beautiful story with all you pony lovers!!! Among
my many jobs, I baby-sit for a little boy that is 9 years old and he has been
in my home for a year now. He is all boy, if you know what I mean, but at
different times, has helped me with the ponies from time to time, anything
from rinsing their hair after a shampoo to combing them out!!!! Here's the
reason I'm giving you this background info on this special little boy:

Yesterday, when he came to my home, he told me about playing with a
friend of his at this friends house. They were jumping on the trampoline,
when Phillip noticed something laying in a mud puddle. He got off the
trampoline and started over to the mud puddle and said to his friend, "Is
that a My Little Pony, cause my baby-sitter collects my little ponies." His
friend, who can't be bothered with such things, said "i dunno" and went on
jumping on the trampoline. Phillip walked over to the mud puddle and picked
up this pony, stuck his finger in his mouth (spit) and rubbed on the back of
the pony. "Yep, it's a My Little Pony!" I can only imagine what he did next
because the next day, when he came to my house, he tried very hard to
describe this pony to me. "She's white and has blue and purple on her symbol
and I think she has rainbow colored hair," he said. We searched the pony
room over, but couldn't find the pony he had seen the day before. When he
left for school that morning, his parting words were, "I'll ask if I can have
the pony." and off he went.
Well, I didn't think too much about it the rest of the day. When he came
home from school, he asked if I had figured out which pony he was talking
about. I told him no. His parting words were, "I'm going over to my friends
house tonight and I'll ask if I can have the pony." and he went home with his
Mom. Again, I thought nothing of it.
Boy, what a surprise I got the following (this) morning.
I work 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on the newspaper dock - 6 days a week, so when
Phillip gets to my house, he usually reads for an hour and I take a nap, then
he wakes me up and we visit for a few before he goes off to school. Well,
when he woke me up this morning, he asked if I wanted to see the mud puddle
pony. Of course, I said yes.
He brought this pony to me and with out taking a breath, he said, "she
was really dirty, so I gave her a bath and washed her hair and as you can
see, she has a small scratch on one symbol <pointing this out to me> and
there is some highlighter marks on her neck and a couple of spots that I
couldn't get clean, but I knew you would give her another bath and I washed
her hair but I didn't put any conditioner on it and I didn't roll her hair or
have those papers you use when you style it and I couldn't get all the dirt
off around her tail (tail rust) but I thought she looked pretty and I didn't
see her in your pony room and do you have this one?"
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Or reach out and hug him. (which
you don't do to 9 year old boys cause they are way to macho for this type of
display). My poor sleepy, old brain was trying to take this all in as he
flips this pony around showing me all the things he is talking about. This
pony looks great for everything she has gone through, but she is gorgeous,
cause this little 9 year old boy saw a pony in the mud puddle and knew I
would like her (sorry guys, got tears in my eyes).
Still sleepy and groggy, I answered him with yes, we have her, she's one
of the few Tabi got mint in box. But she would make a nice trade pony.
He got ready and went off to school.
When he came back after school, he wanted to know if I had given her a
bath and if I had traded her yet. I told him no, she was with the other
ponies waiting for a bath and had not arranged any trades cause I was house
cleaning. I also told him, the next time I go on a pony hunt, I want him to
go with me, cause he knows what he's looking for - his grin covered his face.
So, he doesn't know it yet, but this Pony Bride will always live here.
She will not be a trade pony cause who could ever offer me what this little
boy gave me today?
Thanks for letting me share.

Yesterday night I told my little brother and sister they could play with
my sea ponies in the bath,which when I told them they almost went estatic
because they LOVE ponies too =o) Well anyway I went o=up to check on them
and heard them playing and all of the sudden I wished I was little kid
again playing in the bath *sigh*

Oh to be young again
{§* Chumster*§}

When I was 8 or so, I got that lovely mail order brochure with
the baby TAF ponies, which I thought were the coolest things ever made. My
grandmother offered to buy me not only the FULL SET of TAF babies, but EVERY
OTHER pony in that brochure AS WELL. Trying to be a good child, and not
take too great advantage of her generosity, I denied, "knowing" that in a
couple years, I would get one at a garage sale cheaper... I still feel the
sting of not choosing to have those toys. I want them all the more badly
because I had the opportunity and did not take it. Anyway...
Baby Rain Ribbon

There are ponies on my bed.
They,re all colors of the rainbow.
Pink, light blue and green.
They stand in many forms.
Some of them are myths.
Some of them have rainbows in the hair.
Some of them have babies.
Some of them are boys.
Some of them can blink their eyes.
Some of them are sweet, shy, and gazing at the stars.
Their castle is on the corner of my bed.
Their stable on the other side.
Their grass is my bedspread.
Their clouds and mountains are my pillows.
They are there all day till it is time to go to bed.
Time to take the ponies off my bed and play for another day.

Thanks 4 reading!

I made a baby bubbles and had to pull out my mommy bubbles to compare
colors and that brought back the memories.
When I was a child I was maybe 8 and there was a girl down the street
from me named Jennifer Wheeler. Oh she was my idle.. Her daddy was a
navy guy and brought her all sorts of nice things. She had a toy room
that was FILLED with everything you could ever imagine. There was a
shelf with a basket with ponies in it. There was Bubbles lying there.
Whenever we would play or I would spend the night I would sneak over to
her ponies and hold Bubbles. We never played with them tho she had I
think alot of them including the parlor. I once was holding Bubbles and
i promised her I would own her some day. man I wish I was Jennifer now.
She has the Scrub a Dub Pup family and the entire Charmkin collection
next to her bed. She had Poochie and Hello Kitty galor. When my b-day
was coming up I ran to my mom and begged for ponies. Well 6 months
after my b-day I got Peachy's Parlor. She told me she looked and looked
but no other ponies especially a Bubbles was never found. I remember
going down the halls of Toys R Us and Childrens' Palace hunting hi and
low for Bubbles or Gusty. I had seen a Gusty at her house a few months
after Bubbles and I was determined I would not be left out of the pony
Well last year when I descovered Ebay my first pony I EVER bought was
Bubbles and the second pony I bought was Gusty and she was bought from
the Delaneys. I still hold them dear in my heart those two ponies. I
just hope my old friend Jennifer never lost her ponies or any other
prescious toy.

One day after working on my computer I came downstairs to find my daughter playing with her pony's I had given her. I just smiled as I walked by and left her to play. On a double take I saw a package sitting on the couch behind her. I could hardly believe it. I just stared at it. It was the box to the ONLY MIB pony I had. I felt myself getting angry. I just looked at her and said,"did you open mama's pony box?" She hesitated and just looked back and answered me with a squeeky, "yes mama." I fet myself really well up with anger. marina had seen that look before. The look of me ready to kill her. All I could do was just raise my hands in the air and walk away. The damage had been done so why not go cool off before I kill her......5 minutes later I returned. "why did you open MY box when you have a ton of baby ponies upstairs to play with?" I asked her with a look of death.
"well," she said and then sighed,"the baby ponies needed some toys to playwith. And we need to always share our toys mama." You could tell she was scared by now. she knew I was really mad. She sat there looking up waiting for me to strike. "this one was MY pony! not for you to play with!" I yelled at her. I wanted to kill her! My mm gave it to me when she found I was collecting again. It was mine. "Mama, you said we should always share our toys." She wasn't talking about me this time."the other baby ponies needed toys too,mama." she was crying now. "are you mad?" She asked. All I could answer with was a "hell YES!"

Deep inside of me she was right in her thinking. She had done what I taught her to do. I was mad I was so ticked I could have spanked the tar out of her.
How could I though? She had only done what I had never been able to get her to do. That day my daughter moved forward in life. She had learned one of the important things on this earth. It was an expensive lesson I would not want to pay again but, for a $25.00 pony my adughter finally learned something I have been trying to teach her for months.......Sharing.

Since this happened I have also witnessed Marina playing well with other children. Willing to give them any toy she has.......Except her pony's.......

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