Sail-Away's Completed Sets

These are the sets I have completed so far. I have others but have not taken the photo's yet.


Year Two Earth Ponies

Top Row: Bow Tie, Apple Jack, Sea Shell
Botom Row: CC Blossom, CC Cotton Candy, Bubbles

Year Two Unicorns and Pegasi

Top Row: Glory, Twilight, Medley
Bottom Row: Fire Fly, Sun Beam, Moondancer

Year Two Rainbow Ponies

Year 4 Party Gift Pack*


Top Row: Best Wishes,Party Time
Bottom Row: Baby Frosting, Yum Yum
*Note: Also in this set is a Baby Sea Pony, but as I do not collect those I have traded her away.

Year 6 Summer Wing Ponies

Top Row: Glow, High Flier, Lady Flutter
Bottom Row: Sky Dancer, Little Flitter, Buzzer

Year 7 Loving Families

Year 7 Twice As Fancy Sundance

Twice As Fancy Sundance

Year 7 Individual Ponies

Top Row: Pony Bride
Bottom Row: Merry Treat

Year 7 Sparkle Ponies <store bought>

Top Row: Star Dancer, Napper, Twinkler
Botton Row: Star Hopper, Sun Spot, Sky Rocket

Year 8 Tropical Ponies :

Top Row: Sea Breeze, Hula Hula
Bottom Row: Tootie Tails, Pina Colada

Year 8 Rainbow Curl Ponies

Year 8 Sparkle Babies


Year 9 Baby Ballerina Ponies

Top Row: Tippy Toes, Sweet Steps
Bottom Row: Soft Steps, Toe Dancer

Year 9 Rockin Beat Ponies

Year 9 Baby Rainbow Ponies

Year 9 Princess Ponies

Top Row: Royal Pink
Bottom Row: Royal Purple

Year 10 Colour Swirl Ponies

 Sail-Away's Harbor

 The Light House

 Trading Center

 The Market

 The Salon

The Cafe

 The Hospital

 Custom Shop