Faces of the Tyler people and some connected Turners and Austins

Tyler married Austin. Austin married Turner. Turner married Tyler, had son named Turner Tyler. Also a Tyler married a Click, and other Tylers had association with Covey. And to top it off, the Clicks and Fines were also in Cocke County with the Dawsons and Turners.


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...John/Mary Turner were in District 11 of Cocke County in the 1805-1830 time frame ...exactly the same time and place as my Amos/Mary Dawson. I wonder if they were acquainted???
That is the reason for this page...to focus on how to unearth and bring together the most useful information.

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Cousins Bill, Wayne, Jim, and Linda, and Mildred have contributed vastly to this data.

Are these two bearded men uncle/nephew?????
Ben Tyler homesteaded 160 acres in Guymon, OK, where
he encouraged some of the Covey relatives for a time.
Perhaps some of those Covey relatives with Culleoka connections can provide a clue to how Ben Tyler and James Tyler connect.

James Marion Tyler 1849-1924
with his son Lewis 1898, and grandson Clarence (behind)1896.
Clarence's mother was Rendy Click and father was James A. Tyler.
Lewis's mother was Ella Burkett

J.M.Tyler Death Certificate (Thanks, Bill) (click for big)

Benjamin Franklin Tyler 1865-1934
How is this man connected to James Marion Tyler????

Were Benjamin and sister Mary A. children of Mary Tyler (who would have married an Osborn), not Cynthia???
making Benjamin Cynthia's nephew as well.... rather than his mother. ON THEOTHER HAND Mildred puts it like this: Ben Tylers mothers name was Cinthia and Ben F.Tylers and James Tylers name was on the documents of marriage and inventory after her death.
So it would be real interesting to see those documents.

Clarence Tyler (1896),
half brother of Willie Tyler (1904)

Willie Luella Tyler 1904
Daughter of James A. Tyler and Laura Austin

Willie Tyler about 20 years earlier. (looks less like Clarence in this one).

Violet and Daisy, children of Nathan (first wife May)
Other children of Nathan (second wife Annie Louise):
Henry, Beulah, Betty, Norma, and 1910 Census also showed a son "Arion",
who was never heard of again

Nathan Tyler 1877, and brother James A. Tyler 1875,
sons of JMT
Other Children of JMT were R.L (Rosanna) 1870, Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1874, and (Robert)Edward 1879. **Rbt.Edward is pictured below and also on the "More Tyler" page
Amanda Thomas was the mother of all these children. It is said she was adopted, so we don't know her ancestry.

John Turner (1838) and James Anderson Turner (1877)--
a comparison photo.
DNA test might prove John to be great uncle of James.
NOTE a**Relationship Confirmed: As of Oct. 28, 2006, the DNA test DOES, in fact, indicate that James A. Turner is great nephew of John ('38)Turner.

John ('38) Turner is the brother of James Howell/Howard [1826-1865] Turner who is grandfather of James A. Turner in this photo.


John (1805) and Mary (1799) A.Turner are the parents of both John ( '38) Turner and James ('26) H. Turner.

James A. Turner (1877) and Anna Maggie Austin

Interesting tidbit:
The Austins moved to Oklahoma around 1924. When they got out there they changed their name to Auston. They said the reason was because they were such big people so they changed it to Aus "ton".

James W. was never married to anyone else. His wife was named Frances as my (LYates') aunt Frances is named after her. She's named Frances Amanda Turner after James A.'s mother and Anna Maggie's mother. I've heard her name is Sarah Frances Epps. I don't know where the Elizabeth fits in. Maybe it's Sarah Frances Elizabeth Epps. (tidbit by Linda Y.)

James A. Tyler 1875,
son of James Marion Tyler
James A. is brother of Robert Edward who is pictureda

First Wife Rendy (Miranda) Click (mother of Clarence)
Mildred Cast graciously shared this photo and her research

Bonus Information:Click for Clicks (Click Family, that is)

Second Wife Laura Austin (sister of Anna Austin who married James A. Turner)

Robert Edward Tyler (1879) and Mollie Turner (1887)
and baby Turner Tyler.

Children of James A. Tyler and Laura Austin:
Eula, Gladys, and James R., (Willie has passed away)
Grandaughter of James and Laura: Georgie Mae
Daughers of Georgie:
Dianna and Judy
At a restaurant in Columbia (around the Courthouse square)

Another picture taken the same day:

At Wilkes Campground Cemetary in 1997
Left to Right
Georgie (daugher of Willie aka "Bill"), Gladys, Slim (back) Inez (front), James (aka "Sonny" and aka "Sally") and Eula (aka "Dude")

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Here's why I call it Tyler Spaghetti:
The Click name (Rendy Click) turns up in Cocke Co., Absolom (Fox)Turner came from Cocke Co., as did James Turner and Mollie Turner (bro. and sis.). The Cocke Co. Turners ended up in Maury Co. where they married Tylers and Austins. Mollie Turner married Robert Edward Tyler. James Turner married Anna Austin. Laura Austin married James A. Tyler. Nathan Tyler's life has taken some time and work to unravel. Benjamin Tyler is connected (has to be) but no paper has been found to prove it.
Please note that I do not take credit for uncovering any of this information. All I am doing is presenting it in a new format. Bill, Jim, Linda and Wayne have worked hard to put the facts together.
Some Questions that come to mind:
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