Click, Fine, Covey & Tyler

Thanks to Mildred Cast for sharing information, and sending photos of Rendi and John.

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Summary of Who's Who:

These photos have been graciously offered by Mildred C. Cast for view. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Rendi (Marinda) Click (married James A. Tyler) 1866-1896

-Photos courtesy of Mildred C. Cast-

John Click (brother of Rendi)

(married Mary M. Covey)

John Clarence Click was b.11-11-1868 d.10-18-1915. and is buried in the Tecumseh Cemetery, which is between Shawnee and Tecumseh Ok.
(note added by Dianna: Note that Rendy must have named her only child after this man, her brother, John Clarence. That child was Clarence Tyler, my grandmother's half brother. DT.)

Notes from Mildred:

My Coveys weren't from Cocke Co.Tn., Just my grandmother Sythia.
Coveys came from back east and then onto Tn. then McCains, Tn. Cuelloka, TN.. mildred cast

Rendi and John were the two children that my g-grandmother Sarah Jane Holloway Fine Click had with this James Gray Click.
There is a man and woman that came to see me several years ago that was
> related to my Fines in Tn., they were from Maryland. shared some copies
> of  things that he had from his wifes family in Tn.  One of the pieces
> that he shared was notes in an old family bible that had a M. Click being
> born in 1866 , just under my grandmothers name.  See, by this time, my
> grandfather Fine had died in the civil war, leaving two small girls and
> my g-grandmother Fine remarried a Mr. Click. She then had John Click and
> Marinda by this man. 
On your site, I noticed you asked if
> anyone had a picture of Marinda(Rendi) Click.  I do have one that Bertha,
> Clarence's wife sent to me a long time ago. when she was put in the
> nursing home.  It's rather large, she had the people at the nursing home
> package it for her and she sent it to me,  It isn't a regular photo, but
> a charcoal drawing.  In order to get a smaller copy, I took it to my
> photographer ,who does all of my photo coping, in Shawnee, Ok. and he
> assured me that it would be safe, it's rather fragile, on cardboard like
> material.  He took a picture of it and made a much smaller copy of it. 

Rendy married James A. Tyler. Here is the marriage certificate. (provided by Mildred Cast)

She gave birth to one child, Clarence, but she never recoverd from the birthing. She died before Clarence was one year old. Clarence went to live with his grandfather, James Marion Tyler and second wife, Ella Burkett. James and Ella had a child of their own, Lewis Tyler, who was raised as a brother (instead of an uncle) to Clarence.

This is Clarence (son of Rendi) on the left and his (half) uncle Lewis on the right.

Clarence Tyler's Social Security Application (Thanks to Bill Inmon)
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