Can you believe the plans for the capitol?

Capitol Riduculousness

I just read the paper from a February 18th and there were all these artists renditions for the new capitol. I could not believe my eyes! Are they actually considering these 4 designs? At least three of the firms are from out of state, where they don't have massive earthquakes (except for CA), furlongs of snow, acre-feet of rain and megajoules of cold. California, which for those of you who are geologically challenged, is also out of state and is also where the architectural firm was located that designed the horrid original Dimond High School. No, I wasn't talking about the faculty, student body or athletics, I was referring to the design of the building... well it was substandard to put it nicely. Open hallways? Hey folks, this is not sunny, dry Riverside! This is 40 below in your face Anchorage AK! The problem I see with those designs is multitudinous. Enormous cantilevers- very bad in earthquakes, and lots of glass- bad in cold. Also, what is up with the roof? Have you gone to the PAC lately? Notice thet roof repair surcharge? Apparently we never learn from our mistakes. Design something cool with function like the Cape Fox Lodge in Ketchikan- timberframe with a steep gable metal roof. Built with class and built to last- and with local materials to boot! Southeast Alaska has plenty of nice timber, let's use it!

Let's tell these pie in the sky city planners to get back on planet reality!

Out of State Designers

Moshe Safdie- BOSTON

Yazdani Studio/Cannon Design- LOS ANGELES



Advisor to City of Juneau Donald Stastny- PORTLAND

Jury- Comprised of Alaskans and Lower 48 Design Professionals... I get it, the token 2 Alaskans are chopped liver and the rest are "Design Professionals." Sounds like a definite marketing ploy to me.

Are you telling me that there are no decent Architect Engineering firms in the State? What kind of message does this send? That Alaskans are such backwater idiots (even if we really are) that they can't even choose a building by their lonesome, let alone design or engineer it? Give me a break! Let's move the capitol someplace where people can figure out what they need on their own.

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