Moss Island Oyster Farm

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My father and his wife Marie own and operate an oyster farm. They sell oysters by the dozen!  We have over a half million oysters suspended in the cold, clean waters of Peterson Bay.  The water is high in nutrients, yet cold enough to keep the oysters immature and tasty!

We make deliveries to the Homer Small Boat Harbor every Tuesday during the summer.

They are a member of the Kachemak Shellfish Grower's Association

Phone (907) 235-8644 for more information

Contact info.

You will not find a better oyster.

They say that the current Frank Murkowski administration is MUCH, MUCH more friendly to shellfish growers than the Tony Knowles administration. That is sad to hear that Tony wasn't very oyster friendly. I've never seen an oyster hurt anyone.

Moss Island Oyster Farm in the News

Here is a great article about their farm. Another article. This story beat my site by 1 hit on google, so it has to be good.

Operated by Ron and Marie Bader

ban on clamming proposed

Alaska Shellfish Growers

Rearing Oyster Spat in Alaska

Gary and Debbie Sims Peterson Bay Lodge

Shellfish COnference here in Alaska

Permits Required to Operate Farm

Corp of Engineers, State DEC, Federal DEC, State ADF&G, Coastal Zone, Critical Habitat

Kachemak Shellfish Grower's Association

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