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Text Editors

This page is dedicated solely to text and the applications created to edit text. Text files are rapidly manipulated by computers and download quickly. Text files are also human-readable and work with search engines such as Google. Graphics files, or proprietary binary formats have none of these advantages. Long live text!

Notepad- what can I say, it comes with Windows and is pretty straightforward.

Multipad- comes with Visual C++ Examples and extends Notepad to multiple files.

VI- UNIX standard editor. I've used it a few times and that was enough.

VIM- VI IMproved.

EMACS- Unix editor in competition with VI.

Brief- Was a DOS based editor very popular with programers.

Sidekick-TSR program by Borland that was extremely efficient in the days of DOS

Arachnophilia- more to come.

Multiedit- Comes with Microsoft Visual C++, as part of the MFC library. It is a sample, and expands upon Notepad by allowing a Multiple Document Interface (more than one file open in a window).

CheapPad- uses Visual Basic, so it can't be that good. Supposedly written by some genius, but their web site doesn't have it available anymore.

Looks to me like it is time for ***someone*** to come up with a better text editor!

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