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Band Members

John Stroup- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Paul Zieske- Lead Vocals/Rhythym Guitar
Charlie Bader- Bass Guitar/Neaderthal Vocals
Adam Verrier- Non-stop Drums Percussion

We don't have a cassette available for $4. If you really want a copy e-mail me.

Songs we can play for you:

Peaceful Easy Feeling Eagles
Take it Easy Eagles
Rain King Counting Crows
Daylight Fading Counting Crows
Rocking in the Free World Neil Young
Melissa Allman Brothers
Elizabeth ?
Tequila Sunrise Eagles
Banditos Refreshments
Down Together Refreshments
Pirate Radio
Push 3rd Eye Blind
How's it Going to Be 3rd Eye Blind
3am 3rd Eye Blind
Who will stop the rain Creedence Clearwater
Cherry Bomb John Cougar-Mellencamp
Christmas In the Greatland Paul Zieske
Clouds Paul Zieske
Prayer for Oregon John Stroup

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