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Community Outreach

NMHA conducts public education campaigns to raise awareness and decrease stigma surrounding mental and emotional disorders, improve public recognition of the warning signs of mental illnesses and stress the need for individuals to seek professional care.

Working with the media, NMHA ensures that the Association's messages reach across the country. NMHA has earned a reputation as a reliable source of mental health information, and responds to thousands of calls from the media and the general public on such topics as phobias, manic depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

National Public Education Campaign on
Clinical Depression

The National Public Education Campaign on Clinical Depression is sponsored by the National Mental Health Association. The Network is an initiative of the Campaign, designed to expand the reach of this nationwide effort dedicated to increasing public awareness that clinical depression is a treatable medical illness.

The National Public Education Campaign on Clinical Depression is made
possible in part by a grant from the Eli Lily and Company.

Caring for Every Child's Mental Health:
Communities Together

FOR EVERY CHILD'S MENTAL HEALTH: Communities Together is a national
public education campaign emphasizing the need for attention to children's
and adolescents' mental health. It supports the Comprehensive Community
Mental Health Services Program with 29 sites in 18 States demonstrating
effective services. This public/private sector campaign is managed by the
Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

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