Bridges 2001 has ended

The 8th Annual Building Bridges Campaign for Mental Health Fly-In to Juneau has run it's course. Legislative interest was quite high, and the Board Member Training was well attended.
Participants: Please remember to follow up on your hill visits.
Photos: Some photos will be posted in a few weeks.

Norther Community Resources Site Review Feedback Line

Northern Community Resorces, which does the field work for the State Mental Health SIte Reviews, has a new reporting number for consumer feedback about the process, specific site reviews, or to contact NCR's staff with concerns, positive feedback, etc. The number is: 800-586-2908. Access code is 00. This information is being disseminated at the requset of NCR.

University of Chicago looking for Schizophrenia Gene - volunteers needed.

Pablo V. Gejman, M.D., of the University of Chicago, is seeking volunteers to participate in a genetic study looking for the schizophenia genetic components. To be elligible, volunteers must have two or more living siblings with schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder. There are two interviews, plus a blood draw, taking approximately a total of four hours. Participants will recieve $25 for each interview, and $25 for the blood draw, for a total of $75.

Call (888)536-5513 for more information..

Local Study Seeks Participants

A local Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing candidate is conducting a study entitled "The experience of family members and involuntary hospitalization for seriously ill relatives." This study involves a 30-60 minute interview of family members who've had a relative (or more than one) who has required involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

Participation is on a strictly confidential basis, and is limited to interviews conducted in Anchorage.

To participate, or for more information Contact Cindy Jones, at She can be reached by phone at 563-03240.

Upcoming Events & Training in Mental Health

Free Depression Screening & Consultation

Call MHAA at (907) 563-0880 for an In-Person or Telephone Appointment. Free Screenings are offered year round by appointment. Our office is located at 4045 Lake Otis Parkway, Suite 209, in Anchorage.

Free walk-in screenings will be offered on October 5th and 6th, no appointment needed, also at the office, or call 1-800-573-4433 for the walk-in screening site nearest you!

On-line Depression Screening Now Offered. <> is the site of NMHA's on-line screening for depression.

Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health Now Available

Call 1-877-964-3258 for your free copy of the Executive Summary.

MHAA 1999 Awards

1998 CCD Awards

Medical Care for Children, Youth and Pregant Mothers - In Working Families!

MHAA 1998 Campaign on Clinical Depression Awards

MHAA's Campaign on Clinical Depression Awards Recipients Through the Years

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