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In which we visit Satch's messy desk and see what's on his little mind this week. . .

The big news: He. . . he. . . STILL has a job!

Yes, itís true: Early in 1998, Satch was hired as interim editor for Roundel magazine;
in November of that year they erased the "interim," and despite the best efforts of a bunch of
vigilantoid sphincters, they renewed his contract through 2000!

Bimmers, ja!


Click the roundel to go to the BMW Section, where you will find some connections to Roundel Magazine; connections to the BMW Car Club of America and other Bimmer junkies; and miscellaneous additional BMW-related stuff I couldn't figure out where else to put.(Oh, all right: I still have some Saab genes, too!)

Vintage Whines

Click the Lovely Testa Rossa (thatís an inside joke: Pete sold it to one of the Too Rich McCaws) to go to the Vintage section, where you will find information about the sport of vintage rallying; some observations about vintage racing; and of course some links in other directions. 

Really Rally

The eyeball-glazing section for all but the hardcore rally fanatic; here you will find observations and comments, copies of road-rally General Instructions, and links to other rally-related sites, including---make that ESPECIALLY including---a history of the now-legendary Rally of the Lost Patrol. And we are now focused very intently on Targa Tasmania 2000!

You never know

Well, where else would I stash things that have come to mind but which don't fit anywhere else? Bad jokes, political ranting and raving, clippings that have been piling up---think of it as organizational dysfunction.

Gitcher Hot Links!

There are links on the other pages, of course, but there's some rational purpose for their being there... these are the left-overs. I know some people don't LIKE left-overs, but. . . .

. . . well, where else would you find a link to the International Association of Calculator Collectors?

Credit Wear It Stew

Here are links to the sources of these marvelous little animated GIF files that slow everything down but which I can't resist because they are so gosh-darned cute it makes me want to throw up, as well as credit for the designers and artists and computer nerds who made it all possible. And Mom, of course. And the members of the Academy, and. . .

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