Oakley Woman's bad ride!

Well, okay: her OTHER bad ride! This is a woman who ordinarily takes to the road in a '67 Alfa Duetto (yeah, the REAL Duetto, not your cheese-nip fuel-injected '69-and-later faux Duetto); she has crossed the country with it (top down, stereo at 11) several times. You Alfisti who leave your cars all shiny and pristine in the garage cocoon are a bunch of weenies.

Oakley Woman rallies the Alfa---or just takes it for a road trip---when the event demands a certain wind-in-your-hair panache. But for more demanding rallies (think of snow, think of ice) and track racing, she drives this Most Excellent example of Saab engineering:

1968 Saab Sonett II V4

  • Model: 1968 Saab Sonett II V-4
  • Engine: Ford V-4, 1500 cc, Solex carburetion
  • Transmission: Four-speed synchro; originally column shift, converted to Sonett III floor-mounted linkage
  • Exhaust: MotorSportSystems (Jack Lawrence) headers and headpipe; slow-taper megaphone available for whenever we can get away with it (sends chills down yer spine, amigo)
  • Wheels: 1970 magnesium "Cromodora"-style rims; standard steel Sonett 4-1/2" rims; Jackman 6" rims (aluminum)
  • Tires:
  • Roll bar: Custom installation by ProtoFab Welding
  • Rally equipment: Halda Twinmaster, cable-driven from right rear wheel
  • Sound equipment: None
  • Performance history:
  • Projected events:
  • Other Saab stuff:

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  • If you missed the convention at Lake Tahoe in 1996---who would pass up a chance to talk to Erik Carlsson? Are you mad?!---you might want to start planning ahead for the 1997 Saab convention. Someplace on the trapezial end of the right-hand coast, I believe. . . .

    If your interests, too, lie along vintage racing lines, tempered by wit and a certain congenital insouciant je ne sais quoi best described in sociopathology textbooks, you may well find a kindred brotherhood among the members of Age & Treachery Racing (one of the few social organizations that will have me. . . Wait! I take that back! There's always the International Association of Turtles. . . .)

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