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Well, how weird ARE you, anyway? How about the Penn & Teller web site? (How weird am I? Well, I first saw these guys in a San Francisco review called "Asparagus. . .")


Okay, admit it: You always WANTED to visit the Dr. Seuss Website! (Due to questions of copyright infringement, The Cat in the Hat has been banished from our site, never to return. . .)

When I saw this dancer in an animation gallery, I thought she looked familiar. . . . Wait! Isn't that the holographic hypnoshell used by those sneaky aliens in Duke Nukem 3D?! Why, yes! It IS!! (Well, hey, why did you think I've been wasting so much time at the computer?) DukeNuke junkies should visit the Best Duke Nukem Site , where you can download maps, patches, the shareware version---even the Nukem family tree. (Yep. . . I've DEFINITELY got to get a life. . . .)

We are thankful there are those who DON'T have a life, because they spend their idle hours playing computer games and telling us where to find all the @#$!! SECRET STUFF. . . try the C/NET Game Center for guides to Duke and Quake, among others. Slow to load, for some reason.

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